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Foundation idea

Owing to the globalisation of the markets at the beginning of the 1980s and due to the increasing internationalisation of trade, the Emerging Marketsparticularly Brazil, Russia, India, China, (the so-called BRIC countries) won and continued to win – more and more in importance. Connected with them, there were and are new chances as well as new risks. Our  fathers and grandfathers had already successfully moved onto the terrain of international trade with the Emerging Markets. We were able to adapt their experiences to the present and develop them further. The large arising need for consultation for private firms (e.g. Henkel, Philips, Roche), state bodies (e.g. Ministries in Germany, Russia, White Russia) and international organisations (e.g. EBRD, World Bank, EU Commission) was the basis for our trading, consulting and investment firm.

Foundation by Dipl. Vw.Stb  Hans-Peter Ertle, Claus D. Hagenhoff, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pfau, Prof. Dr. Ursula Schuch, Dr. Dirk Troendle.

1. Projects worldwide :

1988 – 1995

Software and jewellery industry, India
The successful implementation of an export promotion programme for the Indian software and jewellery industry through ITM by order of the GTZ strengthened the efficiency of Indian suppliers in Europe, increased their export incomes and supported them in the setting up of cooperations with German firms..


Quinoa und tagua, South America
The cereal quinoa, from the Andes, was not rediscovered until the 1980s and was the main food of the Incas. ITM  prepared the marketing of the cereal quinoa in Western Europe with an expanded trade-fair and PR campaign. Concerning the Ecuadorian hard nut tagua, ITM studied the European market with regard to the possible field of applications, specifically as a replacement for plastic materials. Both projects were carried out by order of the GTZ.

1990 – 1995

Home accessories and gift articles from Africa

In a development and promotional programme of the GTZ/Protrade/EU, ITM consultants helped African producers and exporters of home accessories and gift articles on location with product selection, design and formation of pricing. Through targeted PR, direct marketing and logistic activities of ITM in Europe, exports were realised in the multi- millions.  


2. Projects in the CIS countries

Our focus applies to Russia and the former Soviet republics (simplified : CIS countries), which are nowadays independent. After the collapse of the USSR, which has been strongly influenced by socialism, it was imperative to rebuild the economies of these countries and to motivate and actively support the people in the new, very difficult situation. Through restructuring as well as the foundation of new firms/trade chains of the most different sectors, we established branded products and production lines of the most up-to-date quality there.

1991 – 1992

Consultation of an industrial group in the Urals with the change-over from armament production to civilian goods’ production (electronic conversion), including arranging collaboration with a West German firm.

Client : BMWi Bonn


Resulting from an ITM humanitarian campaign for the injured of
Chernobyl, Belpharm came into existence as a joint venture with the White Russian Health Ministry for the import of Western pharmaceuticals. At the centre was the first western pharmacy in the former Soviet Union in Minsk. Today Belpharm is one of the largest private pharmaceutical trading firms in White Russia with its own network of pharmacies.


Wellfarm retail chain CIS
Under the name „Wellfarm,“ ITM established the first retail chain in the leading consumer centres of the CIS. With accompanying marketing activities, German quality brands (shoes, cosmetics, electrical household  appliances,  stationery, toys etc.) were thus developed and established in this growth market.  


Henkos Cosmetics GmbH (since 1993)
The successful collaboration between ITM and Henkel, Dusseldorf for Wellfarm lead to the foundation of Henkos Cosmetics GmbH, a joint venture between Henkel and ITM. For the marketing and sales of the cosmetic products of  Schwarzkopf & Henkel in the CIS, numerous marketing campaigns were carried out which to date were unique in the CIS.

1994 – 1996

ITM undertook the consultation of the entrepreneurs`association of the White Russian Republic and the development of the consulting sector in White Russia in collaboration with the Steinbeis Trust, Stuttgart.

Client : Federal Economics Ministry/Deutsche Ausgleichsbank Bonn


Shoes from
Germany for Russia.
Establishment of  contacts, attendance at trade fairs and organisation of operations.

German suppliers were : Wortmann GmbH & Co. und Wendel GmbH, Detmold.

Chemical cleaning in Russia
Establishment of contacts, attendance at trade fairs, co-ordination of operations.
Partner firms : 2D-Design & Display (
Russia), und Italclean (Italy) as well as Reinigungssysteme GmbH & Co. (Germany).

Since 1998

SHC-Beauty Cosmetics GmbH (since 1998)
This joint venture between Henkel and ITM succeeded Henkos Cosmetics GmbH.
The whole marketing apparatus on location is being utilised for the marketing and sales of the cosmetic products of  Schwarzkopf & Henkel in the CIS countries, except Russia. From the search and choice of suitable distribution partners, to the use of all kinds of media, to the carrying out of promotions, to the optimisation of  sales-control systems such as the logistic and financial processing.

As the result of consultation activities, ITM opened access to the West European market for efficient textile factories in the Baltic countries and the CIS. By order of German and Austrian production and trading firms, “Art de la Table” collections of valuable textiles such as table linen, linen textiles for domestic use amongst others are being manufactured and supplied.


Expansion of the trading activity spectrum to Branded Beverages in our project BIO GOURMET, and Technology and Vehicles with the project  „Hymer Motor caravans in Russia”. The firm Henkel accompanied us with the setting up of local production plants on the basis of “Great Manufacturing Contracts” with Russian producers on the one hand and on the other, ITM’s  increasingly investment-related strategy in the form of equity holdings lead to the setting up of new service sectors : DTB-Financial Services with the sectors Private Equity and Investment Banking and Ecofys Eastern Europe as carbon trading consulting specialist with the focus on the Eastern European market.

2009 - today

After us, the crisis hit
Russia harder than expected, and so we also had to severely adjust our structures as appropriate and realign our product strategies.    
At present we are therefore dealing with pharmaceuticals, capital equipment especially for the support of the modernisation process in White Russia, mobile and semi-mobile hospitals, as well as a football training facility which will revolutionise future football training.