Since foundation, our activities are based on the idea that the fields marketing-consulting and international trading as well as investment should not be seen as unconnected from one another, but should be treated as logically sequenced inseparable components and steps in the cultivation of the market.

Because in most of the consulting projects it was and is concerned with setting up new markets for our customers. As soon as we had worked out the theoretic concepts, we ought and also wanted to collaborate on the practical implementation, in order to prove the accuracy of our pieces of advice. After more than 10 years of work we could invest our returns in more equity holdings and building on these experiences, open and offer funded the field of Investments as a further service for external clients too.

As well as having clear financial goals, the founders and current partners always pursued and pursue socio-political and humanitarian commitments too, because „man cannot  live only from bread alone”. This open and cooperative debate with the social environment also exists inside of us. Under the motto

I'm Totally Motivated >> ITM

we place alongside teamwork, group activities such as sport, travel and events. This reflects the performance-oriented, but also people-friendly nature which our team also maintains in dealing with our customers.