When we commenced our activities more than 20 years ago, the scenarios of the future were marked by a dramatic self-accelerating globalisation of the markets. Our strategy was to professionally accompany this with our profound marketing know-how. The continuing advancing dynamics of the economic, social and also political systems especially in the new emerging markets (one thinks about the collapse of the Soviet Union or the integration efforts in Europe) brought continually growing demands for our international customers and therefore also for us. With our globally oriented, highly qualified teams which are always assembled for specific tasks, creative ideas and innovative solutions we met and meet successfully these challenges.

It always applied and applies furthermore:  Private firms, state bodies and international organisations have come to value the consistent commitment for our task as well as for the needs of our customers in collaboration with us  - whether in consulting, international trading, or in our investment projects.

With the help of this website, we want to give you an overview of our diverse projects and services as well as an insight into our work and of course give you the feeling that you know  with whom you are dealing with in ITM.